STK MAKİNA Since 1981...

  1. Installation and Maintenance

    STK Makina strives to provide its valued customers with the best service possible for any installation and maintenance needs they may have involving their milk and food machinery.

  2. Technical Support

    Any techncial question and suggestion that you may have involving STK Makina products are immediately responded. You may get in touch with us and acquire any detailed information...

  3. Post Sales Support

    STK MAKİNA following delivery of the equipment, we support our customers in any matter they need assistance for.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  4. Wıde Customer Portfolio

    Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Suria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Libia, Qatar, Sudan, Algeria, Greece, Niger, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Germany and France.